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Enumerators in 2024 National Census to Take Oath of Secrecy

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Enumerators for the 2024 national census in Uganda are required to take an oath of secrecy to safeguard respondent information, with potential legal consequences for breaches.

All enumerators participating in the 2024 national census are mandated to undergo an oath of secrecy. This additional measure aims to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information pertaining to respondents during the census.

Dr. Chris Mukiza, the executive director of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), has announced that all enumerators will be required to swear an oath of secrecy before a magistrate. He emphasized that individuals found in breach of this oath by disclosing information will face legal prosecution, potentially resulting in a two-year imprisonment term.

Dr. Mukiza cited the Uganda Bureau of Statistics Act, which prohibits the publication of any confidential information. He defined confidential information as personal data and assured that neither individual nor business-related information will be divulged to any entity, including the President, except under a court order.

To safeguard the confidentiality of census data, Dr. Mukiza stated that all information will be encrypted, rendering it inaccessible to unauthorized parties. Measures have also been implemented to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks during data transmission, ensuring the security of respondents’ information.

During a consultation meeting with over 500 religious leaders, Dr. Mukiza reiterated that census information will not be shared with the tax authority for taxation purposes. He clarified that the census aims to provide aggregate statistics and not individual-level data, such as religious affiliation.

The upcoming national census, scheduled to commence on May 9, is pivotal for obtaining accurate demographic data essential for informed planning and decision-making. Uganda’s population, which has been steadily increasing since the inaugural census in 1948, was estimated at 46 million as of last December, underscoring the significance of this comprehensive data collection effort.

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