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Negotiating a Sustainable Future: Uganda joins Global Summit in Ottawa to Craft a Treaty to Combat Plastic Pollution

There was a gathering of negotiators from 175 countries in Ottawa to craft an international treaty addressing plastic pollution. Amidst the urgency of the crisis, tensions arise between radical environmentalists and practical industry concerns. The involvement of nations like Uganda underscores the global significance of the issue. Negotiators from approximately 175 countries gathered in the […]

Addressing Climate Change: Deputy Chief Justice Calls for Collective Action in Uganda

Deputy Chief Justice Richard Buteera stresses the need for collective action to tackle Uganda’s environmental challenges, particularly those stemming from climate change. Deputy Chief Justice Richard Buteera has emphasized the imperative of concerted efforts to address the environmental challenges confronting Uganda, which have been largely attributed to climate change over the years. “In light of […]

Grassroots Campaign in Uganda Aligns Climate Change with School Curriculum

Compassion Coalition Uganda has launched a grassroots campaign in Uganda to incorporate climate change education into the school curriculum. The initiative aims to cultivate a generation of environment activists by raising awareness and engaging young people in practical activities like tree planting. The grassroot campaign has been launched in Uganda to align climate change onto […]

Crackdown on Passenger Service Vehicles Without Dustbins: NEMA’s Drive for Cleaner Highways

National Environment Management Authority launched anti-litter and waste management campaign called ‘Yonja Uganda,’ aiming to sensitize the public on proper waste disposal practices. It is also conducting spot checks on highways, imposing fines of up to shs12 million for violators of the littering law and crackdown passenger service vehicles without dustbins.

UPDF Launches Massive Tree Planting Campaign in DRC’s North Kivu

Colonel Michael Walaka Hyeroba of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) in North Kivu, DRC, has initiated a tree planting campaign to combat environmental degradation and climate change. Over 300,000 trees, including eucalyptus, gravera, jack fruits, mangoes, and pawpaw, have been planted across UPDF’s areas of responsibility.