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Uganda’s Pioneering Internet Infrastructure for Global Summits: Wi-Fi 6, Long-Term Development, And Digital Communication Vision

The Ugandan government, led by Minister Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, assured attendees of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77+China summits in Kampala of seamless communication through the implementation of reliable and faster internet infrastructure, featuring Wi-Fi 6 technology. The NAM Summit, focusing on global cooperation, precedes the Third South Summit with a theme of “Leaving No One Behind”.

Source Of the Nile Women in Agribusiness to Share Experiences in NAM Summit.

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Uganda, scheduled for January 15th -20th, 2024, will include the Source of the Nile Women in Agribusiness Summit as a side event. Organized by the agriculture ministry, UN Women, and the NAM Secretariat, the session aims to showcase success stories of women in agribusiness, discuss policy needs, and inspire others.

Uganda’s Coffee Industry Nears $1B Milestone

In a noteworthy development, Uganda’s coffee export earnings have edged closer to the $1 billion mark in 2023, driven by increased production volumes, improved coffee prices, and heightened competition among foreign buyers According to the latest data from the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)

Government Conducts Skills Assessment in Schools

The government, through the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), is conducting an assessment of the new lower secondary curriculum before the final Uganda Certificate of Examinations (UCE) are conducted According to Mr. Patrick Byakatonda, executive director of Industrial training.

Dr. Aceng’s Appeal for Continued COVID-19 Vigilance   

Ugandans have been urged by the Health Minister Dr. Jane Aceng to strictly follow preventive measures against COVID-19, including as frequent handwashing, sanitization, and upholding social separation in a statement highlighting the importance of ongoing surveillance against the virus following First Lady Janet Museveni’s positive COVID-19 test results from tests taken around Christmas. On Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

Encouraging African Unity, Ghanaian and Ugandan Speakers’ bilateral meeting sets the tone for CSPOC2024

Speaker Anita Among held a bilateral meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana, Mr. Alban Bagbin, at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. They discussed the need for international collaboration based on mutual respect for values, emphasizing unity among African Parliaments to address shared challenges and opportunities.