Government set to upgrade 6 Airstrips to increase local flights

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The Prime Minister (PM) Robinah Nabbanja has noted that the government has already established 13 airstrips across the country in strategic locations to encourage local flights and is set to upgrade six of themwhile officiating at the opening of the Aviation Expo at Entebbe International Airport

The government of Uganda is set to upgrade six airstrips in different strategic locations, and adequate funding was allocated in the financial year 2023-2024 national budget.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja announced during the opening of the Aviation Expo at Entebbe International Airport that the government has established 13 airstrips across Uganda in strategic locations. These airstrips aim to promote local flights and improve connectivity within the country. Additionally, the government plans to upgrade six of these airstrips to further enhance their capacity and functionality. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to developing the aviation sector and improving transportation infrastructure in Uganda.

She urged Civil Aviation to continuously provide much information to Ugandans about the aviation industry, as most of them are still green about its activities.

“Once Ugandans get access to such information, it will enable them to market and use the services of Air transport easily. I also encourage Ugandans to take part in the expo to learn about the career opportunities,” Revealed Nabanja.

According toMr. Fred Bamwesigye, Director General of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA), the aviation Industry has now gained its position after suffering from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw passengers reduced. “Pre-Covid figures, we were having an average of 5000 passengers per day, which number went to 50 and eventually to zero,” said Bamwesigye.

Bamwesigye added that since the airport has recorded a great improvement, it records between 4000- 4200 per day, which is steadily growing. The expo has brought so many opportunities to the public and students; it has given Ugandans an opportunity to fly around Uganda, have a one-on-one with the cabin crew, and view the cockpit. UCAA had fully sponsored the air show with the objective of giving the public an opportunity to have a chance to fly which saw about 2100 people get that opportunity. The three-day expo was organised by UCAA in partnership with the Uganda Professional Pilots Association (UPPA) under the theme “Come and Learn about Aviation,”

According to President Museveni, the country is missing a lot when it comes to tourists. The tourism industry has a lot of potential, and once these airstrips are upgraded, it will be easier and more convenient to travel to the required tourist sites.

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Cherop Amarie
Cherop Amarie
3 months ago

This will increase our tourists in Uganda

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