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Labour Minister Unveils Measures to Safeguard Workers’ Well-being

Government is set to introduce new legislation aimed at curbing occupational safety violations in workplaces. Labour Minister Betty Amongi disclosed plans for the Occupational Safety and Health Bill during a recent media briefing, emphasizing its potential to tighten regulations and penalize non-compliant employers. The government has announced its intention to introduce a new legislation aimed […]

Speaker To MP’s: Monitor Shs93 Billion Release for District Roads

Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon. Anita Among, has announced the release of about Shs93 billion to districts, cities and municipalities across the country, being the final payment from the Uganda Road Fund for this financial year at the start of plenary on Wednesday, 24 April 2024. The Uganda Road Fund’s final payment for this fiscal […]

President Museveni Greenlights Annual International Kampala Marathon

A high-level meeting at State House Entebbe, led by President Museveni, has approved the establishment of the Kampala Marathon, with an investment of USD 4.6 million. The event aims to position Uganda as a global sports and tourist destination, attracting elite runners from around the world. With government support, the marathon seeks to showcase Uganda’s […]

Uganda Government Praises Japan’s Generosity in Refugee Support

The Ugandan Ministry of Relief, Disaster Preparedness, and Refugees has commended the Japanese Government for its significant support to refugees in Uganda. State Minister Hon. Lillian Aber expressed gratitude for Japan’s ongoing commitment, highlighting its contributions to vital services through grants to the World Food Program (WFP) and other initiatives. The Uganda Government, through the […]

Parliament Approves Budget Increase for UPDF Lower-Ranking Soldiers’ Salaries

The Parliament of Uganda has approved a budget of Shs 962.23 billion to increase salaries for lower-ranking soldiers in the UPDF, with significant raises across various ranks proposed. The Parliament has ratified a budget of Shs 962.23 billion aimed at augmenting the salaries of lower-ranking soldiers. This decision, articulated by Wilson Kajwengye, the Chairperson of […]

Electoral Commission Chairman Urges Youth Against Electoral Violence and Bribery

Justice Simon Byabakama, Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC), cautions youth on the dangers of electoral violence and voter bribery during his address at the 2024 annual guild leadership summit. He emphasizes the importance of promoting peace and unity, urging youths to participate actively in national politics. Electoral Commission (EC) chairman Justice Simon Byabakama has […]

Besigye’s Political Return Sparks FDC Controversy

Retired Colonel Dr. Kizza Besigye’s return to active politics in Uganda, his use of FDC symbols despite not being formally associated with the party, has stirred controversy within the FDC. There is internal party divisions, allegations of corruption among FDC leadership, and the opportunity for new leadership to emerge in Besigye’s absence. Last week, retired […]

President Museveni Urges New Ministers to Prioritize Fighting Corruption and Promoting Wealth Creation

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has called upon the recently appointed ministers to focus on combating corruption and mobilizing the masses for wealth creation. He emphasized that corruption undermines efforts but highlighted that by prioritizing these two objectives, 80 percent of the work can be accomplished. President Museveni posing in a picture with new ministers Ugandan […]

President Museveni Launches Uganda’s First Islamic Bank, Embracing Ethical Finance

President Yoweri Museveni launched Uganda’s first Islamic Bank, Salaam Bank Limited,atKololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala. The bank operates on Shariah principles, emphasizing profit-sharing instead of interest on loans. It received its license in September 2023 and was made possible by legislative changes signed by President Museveni. President Yoweri Museveni has symbolically launched the first Islamic […]