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Huawei’s Push for Harmony OS Ecosystem Expansion

The company aims to convert a million apps for HarmonyOS, with over 4,000 already transitioned. Xu highlighted HarmonyOS’s IoT-inspired architecture, designed to unify diverse devices under a single system.

Fostering Technological Exchange: China-Africa Agricultural Collaboration for Food Security

African diplomats, led by Kenyan Ambassador Willy Bett, visited China to explore its advanced agricultural practices. They witnessed cutting-edge technology in an egg production factory in Pinggu District, Beijing, highlighting the potential for modernization in Africa. Pinggu, with its agricultural expertise, symbolizes China’s commitment to innovation. In a groundbreaking display of agricultural innovation and cross-continental […]

Uganda considers IT deal with Turkey to boost digital transformation

The Ugandan government is in advanced talks to sign a partnership agreement with Turkey to accelerate the country’s digital transformation efforts. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication Technology, and National Guidance, Dr. Aminah Zawedde, on Thursday 18th April 2024 said that the planned partnership would enable them to leverage their expertise and […]

Meta Unveils Llama 3: A Groundbreaking Advancement in Generative AI Models

Meta has introduced the latest additions to its Llama series of open generative AI models, known as Llama 3. This release includes two models: Llama 3 8B, containing 8 billion parameters, and Llama 3 70B, containing a staggering 70 billion parameters. Meta describes these models as a significant advancement over the previous generation, boasting unparalleled performance.

Meta Expands AI Presence Across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger in Developing Markets

This strategic move aims to leverage the massive user bases in these regions to scale its AI offerings. The initiative follows Meta’s announcement in February 2023 to develop and experiment with chatbots and other AI tools. With over 500 million users in India alone, it represents Meta’s largest single market. Additionally, the company targets developing markets where smartphone user growth outpaces that of developed markets like the U.S., signaling a push to engage audiences through new services.

Apple Issues Global Alerts on Mercenary Spyware Threats to iPhone Users

The alerts, sent at 12pm Pacific Time, highlighted the specific threat to individual users’ devices and advised taking the warning seriously. While not disclosing attackers’ identities or specific countries affected, Apple stressed the seriousness of the situation. These warnings come amid rising concerns about state-sponsored efforts to influence electoral outcomes, although Apple did not explicitly address this aspect.

The Rise of AI Influencers: Redefining Social Media Landscape

The emergence of AI influencers is reshaping the social media landscape, challenging human influencers and revolutionizing content creation. Companies like The Clueless are pioneering AI-generated models like Aitana Lopez, citing cost-effectiveness and creative control as advantages. While concerns about deepfake technology persist, platforms like Meta are introducing labeling systems to address transparency.

Airtel Uganda’s Generous Contribution to Bridging Uganda’s Digital Divide

This contribution highlights Airtel’s role as a leader in Uganda’s telecommunications sector and emphasizes the importance of ensuring access to communication services for the underprivileged. The funds will be utilized by the UCC to enhance rural communications infrastructure, particularly in underserved areas, aiming to bridge the digital divide and promote inclusive growth throughout Uganda. Manoj Murali, Managing Director of Airtel Uganda, reiterated the company’s commitment to Uganda’s development, emphasizing their role in providing reliable communication services across the country through their 100% 4G network.

X Gives Free Blue Check to Big Follower Accounts

Previously, the blue checkmark was reserved for celebrities and institutions, but Musk revised the criteria to include paying subscribers only. He also announced that accounts with over 2,500 verified subscriber followers would receive Premium features for free. Some users view this as an attempt to revive the struggling platform, amidst declining advertising income and user numbers.

Lawsuits Filed Against Social Media Giants Over Student Disturbance

The Toronto and Ottawa school boards demand at least Can$4 billion in damages and urge the corporations to make their apps less addictive. They claim that these platforms negligently designed and marketed addictive products, leading to attention, learning, and mental health crises among students, along with increased cyberbullying and aggressive behavior.