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8th Edition of Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo 2024

The Uganda Tourism Board is hosting the 8th edition of the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo in 2024, dedicated to promoting responsible tourism. Set under the theme “Response Tourism,” the event will feature networking opportunities, seminars, exhibitions, and Fam Trips from May 23rd to 25th at Speke Resort Convention Centre. Tourism industry participants and enthusiasts […]

Uganda Sets Ambitious Targets for Tourism Revenue Growth

Uganda aims to boost annual tourism revenue to $1.9 billion and increase inbound tourism revenue per visitor to $1,500, as revealed by Minister Tom Butime during the unveiling of the 2023 tourism performance report. Uganda’s tourism authorities have articulated their intention to augment the annual tourism revenue to approximately 1.9 billion U.S. dollars, alongside elevating […]

Kagulu Rocks, a Spectacular Driving Traction in Busoga Region

This astounding and gigantic rock is situated at Kagulu-Buyende district in Busoga region of Eastern Uganda. It is elevated at the height of 3,600 feet with other two sister rocks located just adjacent to Kagulu. This enormous rock has very deep and profound cultural and historical significance to the Basoga people. Aerial shots of Kagulu […]

SEMULIKI NATIONAL PARK: A Geothermal Gem Where Nature’s Secrets Unfold

Semuliki National Park stands out as one of Africa’s most stunning and captivating parks. The park boasts diverse ecosystems, encompassing tropical rainforests and picturesque grasslands, showcasing unique biodiversity with a variety of plant and animal species. Tourists in Semuliki National Park Semuliki National Park, found in Bwamba County, in Bundibugyo District, in the Western Region […]

Uganda Unveiled:  A Tapestry of Culture, Innovation, And Resilience

Nestled in the heart of East Africa is a nation that defies easy classification. Renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes and diverse wildlife, Uganda reveals itself as a rich tapestry woven with threads of culture, innovation, and unwavering resilience. Venturing beyond the conventional tourist trails unveils a deeper narrative that captivates those willing to explore.

Uganda Anticipates Tourism Boost from NAM and G77 Summits in 2024

Uganda is gearing up to host the 19th Summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Third South Summit under the Group of 77 and China framework in January 2024. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, John Mulimba, highlighted that these international events, during Uganda’s chairmanship, will serve as a strategic platform to showcase the country’s tourism and investment opportunities on a global scale.