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Minister Anite Emphasizes Industrial Greening

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The Minister of Investment and Privatization Hon Evelyn Anite has said that the government of Uganda is committed to ensure that industrial revolution is coupled with the Greening Project so that the hazardous industrial emissions can be safely absorbed during the launch of tree planting campaigns in Kampala Industrial and Business Park (KIBP) which is being spearheaded by Roofings Ltd.

The Minister of Investment and Privatization Hon Evelyn planting a tree at Roofing’s Ltd on 1st June 2024

According to Hon. Evelyn Anite, Minister of Investment and Privatisation, the Ugandan government is dedicated to making sure that the Greening Project is integrated with the Industrial Revolution in order to properly absorb the dangerous emissions from industry.

Minister Anite said that the industrial revolution is in line with the visionary number 5 of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Ten Point Program of building an independent, integrated and self-sustaining nation economy which President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said must become a reality.

She said that the establishment of the Kampala Industrial and Business Park in Namanve, which was a forested area and the ongoing operationalization of other 25 Industrial Parks across the country is therefore a deliberate move by the government to ensure that an independent and self-sustaining economy is achieved.

“The government policy to encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that gives incentives to investors is deliberate move and its dividends are now becoming visible because of the many factories manufacturing finished products and the multiplication of jobs created for Ugandans”, Anite said.

Minister Anite commended Roofings Group Chairman Sikander Lalani whose company was the first to establish a factory in Namanve for being at the forefront of the Greening Project in Kampala Industrial Business Park by initiating the tree planting campaign initiative and asked all other investors to emulate him.

While speaking at the event, Roofings Group Chairman Sikander Lalani said that they have an elaborate and dedicated team for Re-greening Uganda under the Roofings Forever Forestry where they germinate seedlings of various tree species and give them to various companies and individuals free of charge and the initiative to plant trees should now act as a motivator to other manufacturers to promote a sustainable ecosystem.

Lalani revealed that ever since the Greening Project started, Roofings Group has given out approximately 1.5 million trees seedlings and the target is to give out 8 million tree seedlings by 2030 as part of their industrial social and environment co-existence to invest in clean manufacturing.

Lalani also hailed the government of Uganda through Uganda Investment Authority for putting in place infrastructural development that include tarmacked roads, quality and reliable electricity supply, water, railway, security coupled with the ever growing economic and business.

National Environment Management Authority Executive Director Dr Barirega Akankwasa speaking at the event.

“Disregarding environmental concerns in industrial development can turn out to be disastrous and expensive in the long run because industrial activities can impact negatively on the environment, the workers and the neighborhood” Dr. Akankwasah said. He added that Greening Project creates competition and innovation that create bigger markets and thanked Roofings Group for the initiative saying that its positive outcomes greatly outweigh the situation without it.

Dr. Akankwasa said that the Greening Project by Roofings and other manufacturers will go a long way in contributing to the recovery of forest https://www.256trends.com/budapest-to-host-inaugural-world-athletics-ultimate-championship-in-2026/cover in Uganda which now stands at 13.3% and targeting 15% by the year 2026.

The Chairman of Uganda Investment Authority Morrison Rwakakamba assured that Uganda is on steady road to industrial revolution giving an example of 440 projects in Kampala Industrial and Business Park out of 500 and said that had been planned to occupy the area.

Robert Mukiza, Chairman Morrison Rwakakamba and Minister Anite at the launch of Greening Project

He said that Greening Project will not leave the area the same so long as trees are planted in right places since Uganda industrial revolution is built on 3Ps which are people, Profits and Planet and if all.

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