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President Museveni Honors Late Dr Aliker, Recounts Early Meetings During Liberation Struggle

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reminisced about his interactions with the late Dr. Martine Aliker, expressing heartfelt tribute to their shared history during Uganda’s liberation struggle yesterday 21st April 2024.

Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo at the burial

Yesterday, April 21, 2024, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni reflected on his memories of his conversations with the late Dr Martine Aliker and paid homage to their common history during Uganda’s independence war.

According to Gen. Museveni, their collaboration began in 1977 at a hotel in Nairobi, where Dr. Aliker ran a dental clinic. In those formative years, they would convene downstairs, where Gen. Museveni briefed Dr. Aliker extensively on the revolutionary cause, receiving his unwavering support

Reflecting on their dynamic, Gen. Museveni emphasized Dr Aliker’s receptive demeanour, despite the age disparity, noting how the late medic consistently offered invaluable guidance and support. The President’s sentiments were conveyed through Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo, who represented him in Gulu City, delivered a message of condolence to Dr. Aliker’s family support.

The Head of State added that Dr Aliker attended the Moshi conference alongside others.

“In 1980 I led a delegation to Zimbabwe on the swearing-in of President Robert Mugabe when Zimbabwe attained its independence. Much as Dr. Martin Aliker was older than me, he respected me as leader of the delegation,” Museveni revealed, adding that after the Bush War, he appointed him minister of state for foreign affairs.

“In 1996, I appointed Dr. Aliker as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. There was no better person at that time who could help us recover the image of Uganda which had faced challenges over a long time. The country has, therefore, lost a mentor, advisor and intellectual who provided guidance and advice whenever he was called upon to do so,” the president said.

Museveni added that Dr Aliker was very hardworking and committed to the delivery of his responsibilities when he served in Government. 

VP Alupo interacts with ministers Norbert Mao, Gen. Otema and Kenneth Omona in Gulu City at the burial.

He said all his life, Dr. Aliker was dedicated to the service of his country and he served with diligence and humility. The president said Aliker was very patriotic and he supported the Government in all our efforts. 

“He always put his Country first, ahead of his interests. Dr Aliker was a dedicated and committed serviceman. He served the country in various capacities as a Doctor, Diplomat, an elder statesman and a businessman who was present in so many crucial moments,” Museveni said.

The president who is also NRM chairman said Aliker was also pivotal in raising funds for his campaigns.

In the 2001 elections, for example, Museveni said Dr Martin Aliker brought to him the support of USD 100000 which he did even in the 2006 elections.

“Aliker did his part and the younger generation should take on the mantle. The country has, therefore, lost a gallant son who will always be remembered for his meritorious and patriotic service to his motherland,” he said as he joined the family and the nation to bid farewell to a distinguished statesman who committed his career to the service of his nation. 

Recounts Early Meetings During Liberation Struggle

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