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Wildlife Sector Overhaul, UWEC and UWA Set to Merge

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Tourism Minister Tom Butime’s announced the merger between the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to prevent service duplication. UWEC focuses on species breeding, while UWA manages wildlife conservation.

The merger of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) will prevent duplication of services, tourism minister Tom Butime has said.

According to Tom Butime, the two institutions have been playing complementary roles.
UWA’s mandate has been to conserve, economically develop and sustainably manage the wildlife and protected areas of Uganda while working with neighboring communities for the benefit of the people.

UWEC’s role has been to breed species that are at risk of extinction in the wild so as to build and grow a healthy animal population, especially of endangered species.

Butime made the remarks on Wednesday, April 17th , 2024, during Parliament plenary that discussed the merger of government agencies, as per a decision by Cabinet to rationalize some agencies.

According to the committee on tourism, although 64 staff will lose their jobs, and government will part with shillings 1.334 billion in terminal benefits, the Government will save shillings 15.166 billion in the financial year 2024/25, while the savings will increase further to shillings 16.5 billion in 2025/26.

Through the rationalization of about 39 government agencies, the Government hopes to reduce expenditure by over shillings one trillion.

The rationalization, according to the Government Chief Whip in an earlier press conference, is aimed at improving service delivery, preventing duplication of services, and saving government unnecessary expenditure.

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