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Uganda and Kenya Join Forces for Disaster Management and Security

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Uganda and Kenya have formalized a partnership through LVRLAC and IPSTC to enhance emergency response effectiveness, emphasizing training in various areas like conflict management and maritime security.

Uganda, represented by the Lake Victoria Regional Local Authorities Co-operation (LVRLAC), a consortium of local governments surrounding Lake Victoria, has formalized a collaboration with Kenya’s International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC).

This partnership, established on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, aims to enhance the efficacy of responses to intricate emergencies. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) anticipates a series of training sessions covering various domains including hostile environment awareness, conflict resolution, child protection, maritime security, and disaster management, among others.

Additionally, both parties will jointly undertake environmental conservation endeavors such as afforestation in the Lake Victoria basin and the adoption of forest and river areas. IPSTC, affiliated with the Kenyan Defence Staff College, initially dedicated to training Kenyan Defence Forces for United Nations and African Union peacekeeping missions, will collaborate with LVRLAC to ensure knowledge dissemination and information exchange on matters of peace and security.

Brigadier Joyce Sitienei, Director of IPSTC, emphasized the strategic importance of Lake Victoria to the East African region, highlighting its significant role in local communities’ sustenance and broader regional development.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Masaka, responsible for plans and programs at IPSTC, reiterated the institution’s commitment to evidence-based training in maritime security and sustainable water resource management.

Stephen Kabuye, former Mayor of Entebbe Municipality and founding chairperson of LVRLAC, underscored the imperative of addressing environmental degradation and climate change, applauding the collaborative efforts aimed at mitigating accidents and environmental crises within the shared resource of Lake Victoria.

Charles Kabwama, Deputy Mayor of Entebbe Municipality, pledged unwavering support for sustainable initiatives geared towards preserving Lake Victoria and its surrounding ecosystems, emphasizing the lake’s pivotal role in the municipality’s identity and tourism potential.

Emmanuel Serunjogi, Mayor of Kawempe Division and chairperson of LVRLAC Uganda chapter, outlined the partnership’s scope, detailing its duration until 2027 and its benefits, including specialized training opportunities for representatives from local governments surrounding Lake Victoria.

Mercy Sebuliba, LVRLAC’s Programs Coordinator, provided context on the organization’s inception in 1997, highlighting its mission to facilitate coordinated and sustained utilization of Lake Victoria’s resources among member local authorities in the East African region, comprising Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

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