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Warning Against Unauthorized Use of Police Uniforms

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Concerns raised by authorities regarding the misuse of Police uniforms by various groups and individuals, citing risks to public safety and misrepresentation.

In an effort to uphold the integrity and public trust associated with the Police uniform, authorities have raised concerns regarding its misuse by various groups and individuals.

The unauthorized adoption of Police attire, including rank insignia and accoutrements, has prompted serious apprehensions regarding public safety and the potential for misrepresentation, as outlined by law enforcement officials.

Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, underscores the significance of the Police uniform as a recognizable emblem of authority and protection, serving to reassure the public and facilitate the identification of law enforcement personnel.

However, recent instances of unauthorized utilization of Police uniforms by private security organizations, bouncer associations, political entities, and individuals have elicited concern within law enforcement circles.

Enanga notes that such unauthorized utilization often involves configurations not sanctioned by authorities, such as the adoption of darker black attire associated with counter-terrorism units or the khaki uniforms worn by general duty officers.

He emphasizes that this unauthorized practice seeks to project an authoritarian and militaristic image, often with the aim of conveying a more aggressive message to the public.

Authorities have stressed that such conduct is unlawful and must cease immediately.

Enanga reports that measures to address this issue are already underway, including the confiscation of items such as high-visibility vests, jackets, sunglasses, and black attire from bouncers and private security organizations.

These actions are intended to prevent the misrepresentation of these groups as militaristic or combat-oriented, which could potentially distort public perceptions.

Enanga delivered these remarks on Monday, April 21, 2024, during a press briefing at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala, providing updates related to security concerns and enforcement efforts by the Police and sister security agencies.

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