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Uganda and Iraq Hold First Consultative Dialogue to Strengthen Diplomatic Ties

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, Hon. Gen. Odongo Jeje Abubakhar, hosted Mr. Ghazi Ktab, Director of the Africa Department at the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Kampala for the inaugural consultative dialogue between the two nations.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda, Hon. Gen. Odongo Jeje Abubakhar, today hosted Mr. Ghazi Ktab, Director of the Africa Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Kampala. This meeting marks the first consultative dialogue between Uganda and Iraq, aimed at strengthening diplomatic relations and exploring avenues for mutual cooperation.

Hon. Gen. Odongo who was flanked by Amb. Phillip Odida, Director for Regional and International Political Affairs, welcomed the initiative, emphasizing the importance of building a consistent and mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations. He highlighted that as members of the global south, Uganda and Iraq share similar aspirations and challenges, making it crucial to establish a partnership grounded in common understanding and goals.

Mr. Ghazi Ktab expressed his profound gratitude for the warm reception he received since his arrival in Uganda. He acknowledged the strong diplomatic ties Iraq once enjoyed with African countries, which were adversely affected by the prolonged conflict in Iraq. Mr. Ktab conveyed that with the resurgence of Iraq, the country is poised to play a significant role in promoting peace and security in the Middle East.

During the meeting, Mr. Ktab informed Hon. Gen. Odongoabout Iraq’s ambitious Road Development Project, a strategic initiative aimed at connecting Asia to Europe through an extensive network of railways, roads, ports, and cities. The project will link the Grand Faw Port in southern Iraq to Turkey’s border, extending further into Europe. Iraq has already signed a memorandum of understanding with Turkey, Qatar, and the UAE to undertake this monumental project.

In a gesture of collaboration, Mr. Ktab invited Uganda to participate in the Road Development Project by acquiring space in the strategically located industrial zones along the network. This invitation presents an opportunity for Uganda to enhance its industrial capacity and establish a stronger presence in the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda looks forward to further engagements with Iraq, aiming to solidify this promising relationship and explore new horizons for cooperation that will benefit both nations

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