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Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Praises Strong Uganda-Italy Relations

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During the 78th Italian National Day celebration, Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa lauded the strong bilateral relations between Uganda and Italy, noting Italy’s role in Uganda’s development and the mutual benefits of their trade and cultural exchanges.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa interacting with H.E Mauro Massoni, the Ambassador of Italy in Uganda

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, has praised the cordial relationship between Uganda and Italy, which is founded on mutual respect, cooperation, and shared aspirations.

“Last evening, my wife and I joined His Excellency Mauro Massoni, the Ambassador of Italy in Uganda, and other dignitaries at his residence in Kampala to celebrate the 78th Italian National Day, also known as Festa Della Repubblica,” Tayebwa posted on X, on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

Celebrations of the 78th Italian National Day, also known as Festa Della Repubblica.

Tayebwa emphasized that Italy’s experience in fostering economic growth and promoting social welfare offers valuable lessons for Uganda.

“As we marked the anniversary, we also celebrated the enduring friendship between our two nations. We are committed to learning from these experiences and further enhancing our cooperation for the benefit of our citizens. Our bilateral ties have been reinforced through collaboration in key sectors, including health, education, and support for refugees,” he said.

Italy became a democratic republic on June 2, 1946, when the monarchy was abolished by a popular referendum.

Uganda and Italy currently enjoy a warm relationship, with cooperative ventures spanning various fields. Italy has been a key player in Uganda’s development, particularly in renewable energy, infrastructure, and education. Cultural and educational exchanges have been fundamental to this relationship, fostering mutual understanding and respect.

Bilateral trade is a significant aspect of Uganda-Italy relations. Uganda exports key products, such as coffee, to Italy, while Italy exports machinery and pharmaceuticals to Uganda. This exchange reflects a partnership rooted in reciprocal benefits and shared development goals.

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