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High-Level Meeting Between Indian High Commissioner and Ugandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs

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High Commissioner Upender Singh Rawat met with Ugandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hon. Oryem Henry Okello to bolster bilateral ties and discuss investment prospects. This meeting followed a recent visit by an Indian Business Delegation to Uganda aimed at enhancing economic cooperation.

In a bid to strengthen bilateral ties and explore potential investment opportunities, H.E, Upender Singh Rawat, on April 26th 2024 met with Hon. Oryem Henry Okello, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (International Affairs) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting was a follow-up to the successful visit of an Indian Business Delegation to Uganda earlier this month that aimed at fostering commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries. During the meeting, both parties engaged in productive discussions regarding ongoing and upcoming investment projects that could benefit both India and Uganda.

In his remarks, the High Commissioner expressed India’s keen interest in furthering collaboration in key sectors such as technology, energy, and infrastructure.

Hon. Okello thanked the Government of India for the continued interest in Uganda’s economic growth and development. He emphasized the importance of such partnerships in driving innovation, creating job opportunities, and enhancing the overall socio-economic landscape of the nation.

In concluding, both parties remained optimistic about the positive outcomes that could arise from this collaborative effort. The Indian High Commissioner reaffirmed India’s commitment to supporting Uganda’s development agenda and looked forward to further engagements that will solidify the partnership between the two nations.

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