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Masaka Kids Africana Perform at FC Barcelona Match

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The Masaka Kids Africana, a Ugandan dance group founded in 2013, achieved a significant milestone by performing at the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and FC Valencia in Spain.

Masaka Kids Africana impress at FC Barcelona/FC Valencia game in Spain

Their latest triumph is a breathtaking performance at the Estadi Olimpic Lluís Companys in Spain, just before the La Liga clash between FC Barcelona and FC Valencia. For these young dancers, gracing the stage of such an iconic stadium was nothing short of a fairy tale come true.

“Performing in the Estadi Olímpic Stadium is a big dream come true for us, and we are very excited for this opportunity, thank you God,” they said on their social media platforms.

The joy and excitement radiated from the kids as they took to the stage, their dreams materialising before their eyes. Describing the experience as “a big dream come true,” the Masaka Kids Africana couldn’t contain their gratitude, expressing heartfelt thanks to both God and the organisers, including FC Barcelona and Fundació FC Barcelona, for the incredible opportunity.

Masaka Kids Africana dance group

Their performance was met with thunderous applause, setting the stage for an electrifying match that saw FC Barcelona emerge victorious with a stunning 4-2 win, fuelled by the brilliance of Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, who netted a memorable hat trick.

Excited Masaka Kids Africana Dance group

For the Masaka Kids Africana, this wasn’t just a performance but it was a testament to the power of dreams, resilience, and the universal language of dance.

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