Uganda’s She Cranes Gear Up for the Netball World Cup in South Africa

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Excitement is building among netball enthusiasts in Uganda as the national women’s netball team, fondly known as the She Cranes, prepares to showcase their skills on the global stage. With the Netball World Cup set to take place in South Africa next month and it will run from July 28 to August 6.

Uganda’s national women’s netball team

The She Cranes’ qualification journey for the Netball World Cup has been filled with hard work and determination. Through regional and international tournaments, the team has showcased their talent and dedication, earning their spot among the world’s top netball teams. With their previous impressive performances, expectations are high for the She Cranes to once again make their mark on the international stage.

As the She Cranes gear up for the Netball World Cup, the entire nation of Uganda rallies behind them with unwavering support and enthusiasm. The team has become an inspiration for aspiring netball players across the country, highlighting the growth and potential of women’s sports in Uganda. Fans eagerly anticipate the She Cranes’ spirited performances and hope for a successful campaign in South Africa.

Only two players out of the twenty players selected have competed at the Netball World Cup before and they are; Prisons’ Goal Keeper Stella Naanfuka and Loughborough Lightning’s Goal Shooter Mary Nuba.

Irene Eyaru, a shooter for KCCA who captained the team in the African tournament, will serve as the team’s leader on the international stage with help from Maggie Bagaala, a midcourt star for NIC. The selection of the pair ensures their position among the final fifteen who travel to South Africa.

The She Cranes celebrating a victory

The Squad


Irene Eyaru (Captain, KCCA), Mercy Batamurinza (KCCA), Mary Nuba (Lightning UK), Namulumba Christine Kango (Prisons NC), Shadia Nassanga (KCCA) and Kabendera Asinah (Weyonje NC)

Mid Court:

Sarah Nakiyunga (NIC), Annet Najjuka (KCCA), Joyce Nakibuule (Prisons), Norah Lunkuse (KCCA), Lillian Achola (Weyonje NC), Margret Baagala (Assistant Captain, NIC)


Asingo Viola (Prisons NC), Hanisha Muhammad (KCCA), Nakitto Christine (KCCA), Stella Nanfuka (Prisons), Kayeny Privas (NIC), Nassaka Shakirah (Weyonje NC), Kadondi Faridah (Weyonje NC) and Shaffie Nalwanja (KCCA)

With the Netball World Cup just around the corner, the She Cranes of Uganda are fully committed to representing their country with pride and determination. Through intense training, strategic planning, and mental preparation, the team is poised to compete against the best in the world. As they take the court in South Africa, the She Cranes aim to make Uganda proud, leaving a lasting impression on the global netball stage.

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