Government to Announce Winning Bid for Reviving Kilembe Mines At 12th Annual Mineral Wealth Conference

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Vincent Kedi, the Commissioner for Licensing in the Ministry of Energy, announced during a press briefing about the upcoming 12th annual Mineral Wealth conference that the government is close to revealing the winning bid for the revival of Kilembe Mines. This follows interest from 14 companies, with seven shortlisted to submit proposals for the mine’s revitalization.

Kilembe Mines

Speaking during a press briefing about the forthcoming 12th annual Mineral Wealth conference slated for October, 30 to 31 at Kampala Serena hotel on Tuesday 24th October 2023, Vincent Kedi, the Commissioner for Licensing in the Ministry of Energy said soon government will announce the winning bid for revamping of the mines to kick off.

“We had about 14 companies expressing interest to revamp Kilembe mines and after shortlisting, there are about seven successful ones that have been requested now to submit RST documents meaning they are submitting their proposals and how they’re going to revamp Kilembe,” Kedi said.

Kilembe Mines was established and incorporated in 1950 and registered the highest copper production in the 70s when maximum output soared to an annual 17,000 tonnes.

The success lasted until 1982 when the mine was left on a care- and-maintenance basis as copper extraction ceased.

Kilembe Mines has been dormant for over 30 years but government has made several attempts at reviving it.

The mines comprise a greenfield exploration area, a brownfield project comprising of a hard rock copper mine and processing plant, a hydro power plant known as Mubuku I, auxiliary mine facilities, cobalt-rich tailings, and associated minerals ‘(collectively referred to as “Kilembe Mines”) operated by Kilembe Mines Limited.

Speaking on Tuesday, the official from the Ministry of Energy said if all goes according to plan, the mines will be revamped by next year.

“We have already subjected this to an evaluation process and post qualification or due diligence process and then we’re able to get an investor who will partner with another mining company, which is being set up to revamp Kilembe mines.”

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