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Tanzania-Uganda Gas Pipeline Project Unveiled

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A delegation from the Ministry of Energy is in Tanzania discussing bilateral cooperation in energy, mining, oil, and gas sectors, led by Minister Ruth Nankabirwa.

A delegation from the Ministry of Energy is currently in Tanzania to engage in discussions regarding bilateral cooperation in the energy, mining, oil, and gas sectors.

“Accompanied by my delegation, we have convened in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where we had the privilege of meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Dr. Doto Biteko. Our discussions centered on the present state and future prospects of bilateral cooperation in the energy, mining, oil, and gas sectors, aimed at fortifying the ties between Tanzania and Uganda,” stated Ruth Nankabirwa, the Minister of Energy, who led the delegation, on Saturday, April 27, 2024.

In April 2023, Tanzania and Uganda formalized a bilateral agreement to construct a natural gas pipeline, poised to enhance energy security and foster economic growth within both nations.

The pipeline’s scope entails the transportation of natural gas from Tanzania’s southern regions to Uganda, where it will be utilized to fuel industrial processes and generate electricity, consequently stimulating job creation and attracting foreign investments.

The agreement, endorsed by Biteko on behalf of Tanzania and Nankabirwa on behalf of Uganda, prompted Biteko to encourage potential investors to explore opportunities within the natural gas sector. Notably, gas processing has reached a capacity of 250 million cubic feet per day, with 80 percent earmarked for electricity generation and 20 percent allocated for industrial, domestic, and transportation purposes.

Nankabirwa underscored the longstanding collaborative efforts between the two nations on energy initiatives, exemplified by projects such as the 14-megawatt Kikagati hydropower project, the Masaka Mutukula to Mwanza power transmission project, and the 1,445-kilometer East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project.

The Tanzania-Uganda gas pipeline project stands as a pivotal achievement in East Africa’s pursuit of energy integration, promising to bolster energy security, spur economic advancement, and serve as a catalyst for job creation and foreign investment within both countries.

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