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Sironko District to Host Uganda’s World Environment Day Celebrations

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Sironko district in eastern Uganda has been selected to host the nation’s World Environment Day celebrations. Despite facing natural disasters like landslides and floods, Sironko has made significant strides in environmental conservation.

As Uganda prepares has joined the global community in celebrating World Environment Day (WED), the district of Sironko in eastern Uganda has been chosen to host the nation’s WED celebrations.

Sironko is located in the Bugisu (Elgon Sub-region), an area susceptible to landslides, windstorms, and floods, which have caused significant destruction and loss of life in recent years.

Each year, World Environment Day has a specific theme. This year’s theme is “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience.” This theme focuses on restoring healthy land, preventing desertification, and addressing water shortages. Trees, healthy soil, and clean water are essential for a healthy planet.

Despite these challenges, the Sironko district has made notable progress in environmental conservation and sustainability.

Vincent Victor Gizamba, LC5 Councilor for Budadiri Town Council, states that the local community has united to establish tree-planting initiatives, promote eco-friendly agriculture, and develop innovative solutions to mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

“As local leaders, hosting this day has inspired us to collaborate with our communities and create local solutions to the climate change phenomenon. Recently, the level of environmental awareness and commitment among the people has been high,” Gizamba said.

According to Alfred Okot Okidi, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Water and Environment, the event will bring together environmentalists, policymakers, and community members to share knowledge, ideas, and best practices in sustainable development.

“It will also feature exhibitions, workshops, and cultural performances highlighting the importance of environmental conservation,” PS Okidi said.

The selection of the Elgon sub-region, and specifically Sironko, as the host district, demonstrates the potential for innovation and progress even in the most challenging circumstances.

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