Kampala Business Investment Summit 2023 to Unlock New Opportunities

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The eagerly anticipated Kampala Business and Investment Summit and Exhibition is set to take place from 20th to 21st July 2023 at Mestil Hotel Grounds. The event is expected to attract professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from various sectors. With the aim to foster economic growth, promote investment opportunities, and encourage networking, the summit will be stage for a dynamic gathering that will unlock new opportunities and foster economic growth.

This year’s theme is: ‘Unlocking Financing and Investment for a Sustainable, Inclusive and Smart Urban Ecosystem’.

More than 2,000 people from different sectors are expected to attend the forthcoming Kampala Business and Investment Summit and Exhibition 2023.

The summit will convene different stakeholders including investors, business leaders, civil society, diplomatic missions, urban authorities, SME’s, development partners, government agencies and ministries, SME’s, among others.

This year’s Kampala Business and Investment Summit will focus on unlocking financing and investment into solutions for Kampala’s urban ecosystem including climate change and circular economy initiatives, infrastructure, affordable urban housing for all, R&D initiatives, technology and smart city initiatives, social inclusion, financial inclusion, capital and venture capital flows for Kampala’s business, startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem, human capital, among others.

The Kampala Business & Investment Summit aims at galvanizing innovative entrepreneurial and policy solutions to Kampala city, as it grows and evolves, while turning the city into a sustainable, inclusive, and smart urban ecosystem.

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