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Hypers Kids Africa Secure Multi-Million Dollar Deal for Michael Jackson Fashion Awards

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Hypers Kids Africa, a talented group managed by Moses Butindo, has signed a lucrative contract to perform at the Michael Jackson Fashion Awards in London. The group gained international attention after collaborating with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine

The Hypers Kids Africa

Hypers Kids Africa, the child stars, are overjoyed to have signed a multi-million dollar contract to appear at the Michael Jackson Fashion Awards in London in March 2024. 

The Michael Jackson estate created the awards in 2019 to honor the American singer’s global contributions to the fashion and music industries.

They typically include international celebrities performing and fashionistas; in 2019, American singer Beyoncé graced them.  

When word leaked out in April that American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine had visited Uganda and collaborated with them on the music video for his song Wapae, Hypers Kids Africa grabbed headlines.

Since then, the kids have been having a great time. International celebrities like Shakira (Colombia), DJ Khalid (US), Neymar (Brazil), and Ronaldinho (Brazil) have taken notice of them, as has the football team Barcelona FC, which is based in London.

Since he started the organization with 12 kids in 2013, Moses Butindo, also known as “Manager Coacher,” has founded and managed Hypers Kids Africa. He claims that this year has been noteworthy because it has been full of opportunities.

“We are grateful to God for everything, from hosting 6ix9ine to being featured by international celebrities and football teams. His blessings have overtaken us,” Butindo remarked.

Prior to beginning to sing, Hypers Kids Africa was a dancing group that signed Kapilipiti as their lead vocalist.

Butindo disclosed that the majority of the kids he takes care of at his Makindye, a suburb of Kampala, are either orphans who are occasionally brought by their relatives to acquire skills, or they are from the streets of Kampala.

He claimed that at first, they lacked sponsors and an obvious source of income. In order to survive, the team laid bricks and the manager would occasionally ask his friends for food handouts.

“I am thankful that despite what we have gone through, we closer to the future. We have won two YouTube awards; one for reaching 100,000 views and the other for one million views. Our big thanks go to both the international stars and the locals that have kept sharing our work and exposing us to the world” Butindo said.

Hypers Kids Africa are not the only child performers that are doing exploits. The Triplets Ghetto Kids flew Uganda’s flag high at the BET awards in 2014.

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