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EU Invests €8m in Uganda’s Coffee and Cocoa Value Chains

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In a significant move to strengthen Uganda’s agricultural sector, the European Union (EU) has earmarked an investment of €8 million, approximately sh35.2 billion, to promote the coffee and cocoa value chain development. This financial pledge underscores the EU’s commitment to fostering sustainable economic growth in developing nations and its belief in Uganda’s agricultural potential.

EU to invest in Uganda’s coffee and cocoa sectors

This ambitious project, christened the Coffee and Cocoa Value Chains Development (CoCoDev), is set to unfold over a span of four years. It’s not just a financial endeavour; it’s a testament to a shared vision and collaborative effort. It’s a partnership born out of mutual respect and understanding between the EU, the Ugandan government, the finance ministry, and the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).

Coffee and cocoa stand tall as two of Uganda’s most lucrative and potential-rich agricultural exports. By focusing on these two commodities, the CoCoDev initiative seeks to tap into their inherent potential and transform them into sustainable income sources for thousands of Ugandan farmers.

Building on the foundations of the Coffee and Cocoa Value Chains Development (CoCoDev) initiative, the focus is clear and multi-dimensional. It’s not merely about increasing production and export capacities but equally about elevating both smallholder and commercial coffee and cocoa producers. The underlying ethos of CoCoDev is to foster inclusive and climate-resilient value chains, with significant emphasis on job creation and environmental sustainability.

CoCoDev’s vision goes beyond mere numbers, it seeks to prioritize job creation, especially among Uganda’s youth, ensuring that the country’s agricultural sector remains vibrant and robust and furthermore, environmental.

Uganda’s Arabica coffee.

Empowering the Smallholder Farmers through;

Equal Opportunities: One of CoCoDev’s central aim is ensuring that smallholder farmers, who make up a significant portion of Uganda’s agricultural landscape, are given equal opportunities to thrive. By granting them access to training, resources, and markets traditionally reserved for larger commercial producers, CoCoDev seeks to level the playing field.

Financial Inclusion: By partnering with local banks and financial institutions, the initiative aims to facilitate easy credit access for smallholder farmers, enabling them to invest in better farming techniques and equipment.

Knowledge Sharing: Through community-based workshops and training sessions, smallholder farmers are equipped with the latest farming techniques, knowledge about pest control, soil health, and best harvesting practices.

Boosting Commercial Producers through;

Strengthening Export Channels: While Uganda has robust local markets, the real potential lies in exports. CoCoDev focuses on strengthening the export channels for commercial producers, ensuring that Ugandan coffee and cocoa get the global recognition they deserve.

Quality Assurance: By establishing state-of-the-art testing and quality control facilities, the initiative ensures that commercial producers consistently meet international standards, thereby commanding a premium price in global markets.

Cocoa seeds and chocolate which is one of the main products made from it

Promoting Climate-Resilient Value Chains;

Sustainable Farming Practices: Promoting techniques that not only boost yield but also regenerate the soil and ecosystem. This includes practices like agroforestry, organic farming, and conservation tillage.

Resilient Crop Varieties: Research into developing coffee and cocoa varieties that can withstand changing climate patterns, ensuring consistent yields even under adverse conditions.

The EU’s investment in Uganda’s agricultural sector, through the CoCoDev initiative, is not just about numbers; it’s about changing lives. By empowering Ugandan farmers and building a robust coffee and cocoa value chain, the project envisions a future where Uganda stands as a global powerhouse in the coffee and cocoa sectors. This partnership is not just a testament to Uganda’s agricultural potential but also a beacon of hope for thousands of farmers who look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.

The CoCoDev initiative offers a comprehensive approach to Uganda’s coffee and cocoa sectors, ensuring they not only prosper today but also remain resilient and vibrant for generations to come.

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