CNOOC Skills 160 Youths in Specialized Oil and Gas Welding

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Uganda’s budding oil and gas industry stands at the brink of a transformative era. With rich resources beneath its soil and a population eager to partake in its prosperity, the country is ripe for a leap in this sector. Leading the charge is CNOOC Uganda Limited, a company that understands the importance of capacity building within the community. Through a pioneering initiative, CNOOC has teamed up with Sunmaker Oil and Gas Training Institute and the Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba to cultivate talent from within Uganda’s heartlands.

The youth that were trained by CNOOC and Sunmaker Training Institute.

CNOOC Uganda Limited has teamed up with Sunmaker Oil and Gas Training Institute and Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba to train and certify 160 Ugandans in welding techniques tailored for the oil and gas sector. Over a span of two months, participants were provided with a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, particularly in shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). The program highlighted the significance of welding in tubular assemblies.

Welding, while being an essential skill in most industries, takes a different dimension in the oil and gas sector. The emphasis on tubular assemblies signifies the intricate nature of pipeline and plant fabrication, ensuring safety and efficiency in oil transportation and processing. By arming these Ugandans with such niche skills, the collaborative initiative has ensured that the nation’s oil and gas sector is not reliant on foreign talent for its critical operations.

The trained individuals come from various districts within the Albertine region including Hoima, Kikuube, and Kyotera, among others. During the graduation ceremony, Peter Lokeris, the state minister for Minerals, praised CNOOC for their initiative. Ma Peixin, the Vice President of CNOOC, emphasized their dedication to enhancing Uganda’s oil and gas sector. He mentioned that such efforts align with their vision of using oil to enhance living conditions across Uganda.

The youth were skilled with specialized oil and gas welding techniques.

The program conducted is part of the National Content enhancement activities for the Kingfisher Development Area (KFDA) Project. It aims to empower and enhance the knowledge of local technicians through training towards international certification.

This program comprised of the first set of 80 students trained in Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) 1G, 2G, and 3G welding which follows the International Standards of American Welding Society (AWS) and American Petroleum Institute (API).

The second group of another 80 students received training in 4G, 5G and 6G SMAW which follows the same International Standards of AWS and API. The major goal of 3G and 6G welding courses is to prepare participants for oil and gas piping systems including pipeline and refinery constructions.

Ma Peixin, the Vice President of CNOOC, shared insights into the company’s philosophy during the event. For CNOOC, this isn’t just corporate responsibility; it’s a commitment to the very fabric of Ugandan society. Their vision, succinctly encapsulated as “oil for better life,” seeks to transform the black gold beneath Uganda’s soil into a conduit for prosperity, progress, and enhanced living conditions for all Ugandans.

Naija Rosemary, a proud graduate, stood as a testament to the potential this initiative holds. For her, this wasn’t just a certification it was a passport to a brighter future. The fact that this welding certification is recognized not just within Uganda, but internationally, means that a world of opportunities has just opened up for Naija and her peers.

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