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‘’Chimp Empire’’, A DocumentaryShot In Kibaale National Park Debuts As Number One on Netflix

The official trailer of the Chimp Empire is out

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‘’Chimp Empire: Survival is in our Nature’’, is a documentary shot in Uganda and was released on April 19 2023, it showcases the world’s largest chimpanzee society ever discovered navigating complex social politics, family dynamics and dangerous territory disputes in the Ngogo sector, Kibale National Park. The documentary debuted at Number one in the Netflix “family friendly” category in the US market. The film was directed by Oscar winner James Reed and is narrated by two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and was shot in 2021 over a period of 18 months. It debuted on Netflix last Wednesday, 19th April 2023 in time for Earth Day.

Chimp Empire Netflix documentary filmed in Kibaale National Park Uganda, was released

The Chimp Empire documentary provides deep insights into the power struggles, emotions and territorial conflict among the chimpanzees living in in Ngogo forest, inside Uganda’s Kibale National Park.

The official trailer of the Chimp Empire is out

The trailer is thrilling, watch this trailer and you will understand why these creatures are fascinating in their own way but their close link to us humans, makes it even more compelling to watch.

According to Lilly Ajarova the Uganda Tourism Board Chief Executive Officer, the documentary has already done a great job in promoting Uganda as a prime primate tourism destination since its release.

Chimp Empire presents an opportunity for Uganda to remind the world that it is the primate capital of the World. The documentary can be adopted in tourism promotion campaigns targeting family holiday trips.

As a marketing asset, Uganda’s tourism industry can easily adapt the film into promotional campaigns, as yetanother marketing gem freely handed to us as a nation through compelling story telling, top quality production and distributed on a global platform by notable voices in global entertainment. 

The documentary will help Uganda to creatively promote indestination through strategic marketing interventions especially spearheaded by the tourism sector. Examples of this include partnering with producers on digital and social media campaigns, special screenings in key source markets worldwide.

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