UPDF recovers 112 weapons in Karamoja as former cattle rustlers accept amnesty

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In North Karamoja, efforts led by Brigadier General Felix Busizoori have resulted in a decline in serious raids. The Karachunas are embracing peace, surrendering firearms, and engaging with neighboring districts. Regional authorities emphasize the benefits of amnesty and successful local crime prevention through community mobilization.

The 3rd- Infantry Division Deputy Commander, Brigadier General Felix Busizoori during the meeting.

For the last three months, UPDF has recovered one hundred twelve (112) guns and called upon the Karachunas to abandon the guns and embrace peace for the social-economic transformation to prevail in Karamoja region.

“We have not had serious raids, especially in North Karamoja that is; Kaabong, Kotido, Karenga and Abim which originally registered the biggest number of raids. Brig Gen Felix Busizoori.

 According to Brigadier General Felix Busizoori, the Karachunas have fully embraced peace, even with their neighboring districts like Kitgum, Lira, and Agago.

The Karachunas were urged to give up their weapons and embrace peace for the social and economic development in the Karamoja region to succeed after he said that during the past three months, they had recovered one hundred twelve (112) guns.

Busizoori urged the populace to abstain from seeking retribution and instead place the burden on security forces by providing them with the information they need in a timely manner.

He declared, “Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF) is here to safeguard you and your property, which is why we have made deployments alongside the borders and across porous borders from the Turkana’s.

A group of Karamojongs attending a security meeting in Moroto on Wednesday

As a result of tree cutting, he also urged the community to stop burning charcoal, embrace nature, find alternative sources of income, and get rid of the local brewery “Etule,” which is bad for both their health and the community.

As a symbol of Peace, five guns from Lokwang Lorengen (Mutia Village, Tapach Sub County), Lodim Longoria (Nakomoli-Usaret Village, Katikekile Parish), Lokamar Lorot (Natabakalejoi Village, Makwanga Parish), Lodim Angella (Longurepe Village, Kakingol Parish), Lorengedwat Lodim (Tapach Sub County, Katikekile parish) from Moroto District were voluntarily handed over to X-Ray Battalion in Loputuk Sub County under 403 Brigade.

The deputy resident district commissioner, Justin Tuko, disclosed in his speech that more Karamoja communities, primarily the Karachunas, had continued to enjoy the benefits of amnesty by willingly turning in their firearms to the joint security forces.

Five of the Karamojongs who were granted amnesty after handing over their guns voluntarily, display their certificates,

Five of them have delivered their guns to the UPDF voluntarily in the past, and Tuko said, “We have given them certificates to serve as an exhibit that they did so.”

On the other side, the Mount Moroto Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Francis Chemusto, claimed that through community mobilizations, they were able to successfully combat local criminal inclinations.

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