Uganda Seeks Tanzania’s Cooperation to Extradite Alleged Criminal Gang Leader

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The Greater Masaka Sub-Region Joint Security Committee is actively pursuing the extradition of an alleged criminal gang leader named Katongole from Tanzania. This gang has been targeting businesspersons in Kyotera and Rakai districts, with masked gunmen robbing establishments like shops and banks. The regional security committee, meeting at the Uganda-Tanzania border, seeks Tanzanian assistance to arrest and hand over Katongole.

The Greater Masaka Sub-Region Joint Security Committee is actively pursuing the extradition of the suspected leader of a notorious criminal gang from Tanzania. The suspect only identified as Katongole, is believed to be at the helm of the gang that has been targeting businesspersons within Kyotera and Rakai districts.

A regional security committee, which convened at the Uganda-Tanzania border in Mutukula town council, is actively seeking cooperation from their Tanzanian counterparts to arrest and extradite Katongole. In recent times, several establishments, including wholesale shops, banks, and mobile money agent outlets in Kyotera and Kalisiizo town councils, have fallen victim to masked gunmen.

The gunmen strike particularly during the late evening hours, violently robbing owners of their assets. One of the most recent incidents occurred last month, when John Ddamulira, a prominent figure in Kalisiizo town council, was ambushed by armed robbers. The gunmen shot Ddamulira and made off with Shillings 93 million, which he had withdrawn from the bank.

Another incident took place just a week prior, where a local banking agent in Kalisiizo Park yard was also robbed Shillings 200 million. According to security sources, there are credible intelligence reports implicating Katongole as the mastermind of the criminal cartel responsible for targeting prominent businesspersons. A reliable source, who was present at the security meeting but opted to remain anonymous, revealed that intelligence officers have been diligently pursuing leads to apprehend the gunmen.

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