Uganda National Roads Authority Plans Ambitious Infrastructure Growth

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The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is gearing up for a transformative infrastructure development phase after its 2022–2023 performance report. Led by Executive Director Allen Kagina, UNRA aims to enhance the nation’s road network, build resilient bridges, and address transportation challenges.

Executive Director of Uganda National Roads Authority Allen Kagina

Following the publication of its annual performance report for the fiscal year 2022–2023, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is preparing for a transformative phase of infrastructure development.

The authority has announced several ambitious initiatives aimed at enhancing the nation’s road network and ensuring the construction of durable bridges, led by Executive Director Allen Kagina and other key officials.

The development of long-term, weather- and climate-resistant bridges in the Katonga and Lwera regions is one of the keys focuses of UNRA’s upcoming activities. These important initiatives seek to solve the ongoing disconnectivity and transportation interference problems experienced by Kampala-Masaka highway users, particularly during times of high traffic when road closures have been frequent.

“Our commitment is to provide sustainable transportation solutions to the people of Uganda. The Katonga and Lwera bridges are pivotal in ensuring year-round connectivity and preventing the disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions,” stated Kagina.

In order to reduce the hazards associated with utilizing the existing bridge and enhance overall safety and efficiency on this vital transportation corridor, UNRA has also set its sights on building a new bridge at Karuma.

Despite impressive achievements for the fiscal year 2022–2023, UNRA admitted dealing with budget cuts, a problem that many governments’ agencies face. Due to this financial setback, the authority is now dealing with a 629-billion-shilling debt load.

According to Samuel Muhoozi, director of roads and bridges at UNRA, “Budget constraints have presented challenges, but our dedication to advancing Uganda’s infrastructure remains unwavering.”

In an effort to improve the nation’s road system even more, UNRA announced plans to rebuild the 90-kilometer Masaka-Kyotera-Mutukula route. The Kyotera-Rakai-Isingiro Road is also undergoing design studies on the horizon.

“We are committed to ensuring that our road network meets the highest standards, providing reliable transportation for all Ugandans.” Muhoozi added,

According to UNRA, 97% of the nation’s paved roads are in good condition as of right now. In order to build a safer and more effective transportation infrastructure for the people of Uganda, the authority continues to work on repairing and maintaining the remaining roads that need it.

UNRA is prepared to enter a new age of success with the publication of the annual performance report and a clear strategy for the future, opening the way for improved connectivity and infrastructure resilience in Uganda.

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