President Museveni and Yoruba King of Nigeria meet in Ntungamo District

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President Museveni met with King Ogunwusi of the Yoruba Kingdom of Nigeria in Ntungamo District. They discussed the importance of traditional leaders promoting unity over division and emphasizing common interests.

President Museveni with Yoruba delegation

President Museveni yesterday 28th July 2023 met and held discussions with the King of Yoruba Kingdom from Nigeria, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi in Ntungamo District.

King Ogunwusi and his delegation were told by President Museveni during the meeting that traditional leaders should seek to bring their people together rather than to divide them.

Additionally, he advised them that kingdoms should always adopt the proper philosophy of interest and reject identification, adding that the former enables individuals to collaborate to find solutions to issues.

“Our party started as a student movement in the 1960s. When you were having chaos in Nigeria, the same thing was happening here. We were having the same problem of sectarianism because people were emphasizing identity; I’m this tribe, I’m that tribe and I’m this religion and that religion so we are different,” the President said.

Some claim that they are unique, but are your problems unique? Do you feel Hausa or Igbo hunger? Why don’t you discuss your requirements since hunger affects you all? Why don’t you discuss how to handle your similar wants if your needs are the same? He questioned.

He also emphasized the value of interest, claiming that it fosters community prosperity.

President Museveni welcoming the Yoruba delegation

King Ogunwusi, on his part, commended the President for his capable and insightful leadership and vowed that his kingdom will cooperate with Uganda for the benefit of its citizens.

“Your Excellency, being here with you today makes today one of my happiest days ever. Because our people really need us so much, I renounce my duty and my sacrificial effort in order for us to continue making history. We all know what you stand for, and you are a terrific leader,” King Ogunwusi stated.

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