Police Deploy CCTV Inspectors to Public Venues Amid Terrorism Threats

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In response to recent suspected terrorism activities, police authorities have dispatched CCTV technical officers to regional cities in the North Kyoga region of Uganda. They will collaborate with regional officers to inspect various public and private installations, including,government,buildings,hospital,supermarkets, schools, The move is prompted by terror threats in both the Kampala Metropolitan Policing areas and some upcountry districts.

Police deploy officers to inspect CCTV cameras at churches, nightclubs upcountry.

In the wake of recent activities of suspected terrorism incidences, police have dispatched CCTV technical officers to regional cities to inspect key installations that attract crowds.

North Kyoga Regional Police Commander, CP Deo Obura said the team will join regional officers to inspect designated public and private premises including government installations, transport terminals, worship centres, recreation facilities, restaurants, bars and night clubs/pubs, markets, fuel stations, supermarkets, schools, and hospitals.

“The intervention follows incidences of terror threats across Kampala Metropolitan Policing areas and some upcountry districts mainly regional Cities. We have since recieved more technical officers to reinforce officers in the region,” says CP Obura.

Currently, SP Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Regional Police spokesperson for North Kyoga region said police is embarking on strengthening the capacity of owners of private installations on best CCTV practices to counter terror threats and ensure alertness.

“This is to enhance partnership with stakeholders to leverage on social cameras connection to Police cameras to support investigations to prevent crimes,” Okema said on Saturday.

Proprietors of places of public gatherings have since been advised to set a 24hr CCTV monitoring rooms, Installation of a communication system in the CCTV monitoring room and systems that automatically records incident and retain for at least 3 months.

Okema urged proprietors of private and government institutions to cooperate with the police and report suspicious items or persons.

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