Japan and Uganda Strengthen Bilateral Relations for Economic Growth and Investment

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During a meeting between the Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister and President Museveni, the main topic of discussion was how Japan could help Uganda with value addition and economic growth by encouraging Japanese investors to establish themselves in the country. President Museveni highlighted the challenges faced by Africa’s economy and called for Japanese companies to invest in Uganda, especially in areas like coffee and car batteries.

The Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Hayashi Yoshimasa, and his delegation met President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni yesterday 2nd August 2023 at the State House in Entebbe.

The main topic of discussion was how Japan might help Uganda, specifically with value addition, by encouraging Japanese investors to establish themselves there rather than importing raw materials, which keeps Africa and Uganda stunted while possessing natural resources that could propel the economy.

The economy of all of Africa, according to President Museveni, is worth only 2.7 trillion dollars, which is less than the combined GDPs of Japan, Germany, and India.


President Museveni explained to the visiting Foreign Affairs Minister that only 32% of Ugandans were involved in the money economy in 2013, but that number had doubled as a result of government interventions. However, this presented the government with another challenge because those involved in the money economy deal in raw materials.

“We are therefore undergoing what is called perennial hemorrhage and it’s responsible for Africa’s stunting due to our bankrupt planners, coupled with external parasites who manipulate, interfere politically, and work with traitors to retard Africa,” the President said. 

He therefore called on Japanese Manufacturing Companies to take interest in Uganda and add value to the country’s products like Coffee. 

President Museveni further requested the Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister to get companies that can make car batteries because Uganda has got Lithium.

“We are already manufacturing electric cars, but we need car batteries,” President Museveni noted.

On his part, the Foreign Affairs Minister reiterated their desire to strengthen the bilateral relations with Uganda. He said Japan as the G7 Presidency attaches great importance to listening directly to the voice of Africa.

Mr. Hayashi vowed to support Uganda in the health sector going forward and informed the President that Japanese companies are becoming more and more interested in Ugandan enterprises, particularly startups, and that they will aid in their expansion.

Additionally, he promised to investigate the President’s request to find him businesses that could make automobile batteries.

Hidemoto Fukuzawa, the Japanese ambassador to Uganda, Gen. Jeje Odongo, Gen. Katumba Wamala, the minister of works and transportation, and Mr. Kiryowa Kiwanuka, the attorney general, were also present at the meeting.

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