Health Workers And Teachers Receive Tractors from President Museveni

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President Museveni provided agricultural equipment to teachers and health workers in Adjumani District, emphasizing commercial agriculture for stable incomes. The State House Comptroller facilitated the distribution, reiterating the government’s commitment to improving livelihoods.

State House Comptroller Ms Jane Barekye and other guests at the function on 9TH Oct 2023

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni gave out two tractors, disc harrows and ploughs to teachers and health workers in Adjumani District.

At a ceremony conducted at Biyaya Playground in the Adjumani District, the State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye, handed out the agricultural equipment.

President Museveni has always stressed Commercial agriculture and value addition as a strategy for Ugandans to stabilize their household incomes and generate wealth for prosperity.

Ms. Barekye explained that the government’s attempts to improve the livelihoods of salaried workers through the practice of commercial agriculture as a complement to their income are behind the distribution of the machines to the beneficiaries.

The tractors that were handed over to teachers and adjumani health workers.

She also assured them that the government, on behalf of President Museveni, would continue to give Ugandans access to such tools so they could find other sources of income.

“Our President is a good and committed leader, he has provided you the teachers and health workers with these tractors so that you will be able to carry out commercial agriculture to improve your livelihoods,” Ms. Barekye said. 

Hon Jessica Ababiku and the State House Comptroller at the function.

“As the government, we want to ensure that we put in place measures that will provide avenues for people to generate more household income,” she added. 

The agricultural equipment has been delivered in fulfillment of a promise President Museveni recently made to the educators and healthcare professionals in the Adjumani District.

Hon. Jessica Ababiku, a member of parliament from Adjumani, praised the President for helping the educators and healthcare professionals in her area.

“I would like to appreciate the President for supporting the teachers and the health workers in Adjumani District. This support is very vital to the beneficiaries as it will enhance their livelihoods.”

According to Mr. Taban Peter Data, the resident district commissioner for Adjumani, “The availability of the two tractors will improve agricultural productivity in the district, which will gradually change the lives of our health workers and teachers.”

The people of Adjumani gave a shield and a spear to Ms. Barekye at the same occasion to give to the President as a symbol of their continued faith and trust in him to govern this nation.

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