Harnessing Uganda’s Film Industry: Thomas Tayebwa’s Pledge to Cultivate Cultural Heritage and Economic Prosperity

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Thomas Tayebwa, the deputy speaker of Uganda pledged to promote the country’s film industry, recognizing its significance in the preservation and promotion of culture and history. During his participation in the 10th Uganda Film Festival Gala Night on 3rd June 2023, Tayebwa emphasized that the government relies on the film sector to showcase the value of culture on a global scale.

Thomas Tayebwa, the deputy speaker, promised to promote Uganda’s film industry, calling it as a crucial platform for the promotion and preservation of culture and history.

Tayebwa, who presided over the 10th Uganda Film Festival (UFF) Gala Night on 3rd June 2023, stated that the government is relying on the film sector to highlight the value of culture to the rest of the globe.

In order to create a new narrative of a developed and extraordinarily talented nation that can rely on artists for transformation, Tayebwa said, “We need locally produced films more than ever before.”

He asserted that Parliament will support efforts to promote the development of an environment that is favourable to the expansion of the creative sector so it can make a distinctive contribution to the expression of culture.

He continued, “There is a virus called piracy which we must fight by all means so that our local content creators can reap their rewards fully from the content they are making. Parliament’s oversight role in Ugandan film can help in alleviating the challenges facing this industry by advocating for the creation of a conducive environment for filming and investing in our industry.

Leading actors, actresses, film directors, screenwriters, and other creatives are honoured for their remarkable contributions to the growth of the film industry at the annual Uganda Film Festival, which showcases Uganda’s top talent in the film industry.

Tayebwa advised filmmakers to band together in order to organise the government to support them in response to financial shortages that are harming the industry.

We recently enacted a budget for 51 trillion shillings against 234 trillion shillings in priority. Therefore, you must be very organised if you want to be relevant and involved in that. I implore the participants in the film business to band together so that we can have information on how best to support you. Tayebwa added.

He praised the Uganda Communication Commission for its 10 years of support of the film sector.

He claimed that UCC’s ten years of reliability had been crucial in creating the local material we see on our screens.

In a speech read by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Amina Zawedde, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, stated that if the business is effectively supported, it may assist to employ a lot of young people.

The local film industry, according to UCC’s acting executive director, Eng. Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo, is a sector with a big chance to generate jobs. She asked Ugandans to support local content as well.

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