Deputy Speaker Tayebwa has called for the closure of all pornographic websites due to their negative impact on young children in Uganda

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Thomas Tayebwa, the deputy speaker of parliament in Uganda, has called for the closure of all pornographic websites due to their negative impact on young children. He questioned the benefits of pornography and its contribution to the country while emphasizing the need to protect the ideal family structure

Thomas Tayebwa, the deputy speaker of parliament, on 05th June 2023 asked for the closure of all pornographic websites because they expose young children to a lot of incorrect information.

Tayebwa called on the government to curb the rise in children viewing adult material while presiding over the high-level policymakers’ discussion on finance for youths held by the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children (UPFC) on Wednesday 5th June 2023 in Kampala.

“Our teens are exposed to pornography, and our youngsters are exposed to violent cartoons. Pornography is restricted in Muslim nations. Tell me how much the economy would suffer if pornographic websites were blocked nationwide. He declared, “Pornography is killing us.”

The Deputy Speaker also instructed the Minister of Youth and Children to coordinate with other organisations, such as the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and the National Guidance, to borrow from Muslim nations that have successfully prevented minors from accessing pornographic websites.

“Why don’t you restrict pornography, ICT Minister? Apart from undermining the ideal family, what benefit is it adding to our country? What benefit do we derive from it? This is a topic for discussion in parliament, in my opinion, Honourable Minister for Children and Youths, so please petition your colleagues as well,” Tayebwa urged.

In addition, Tayebwa advised parents to return to the traditional African view that “a child is brought up by the community.”

“When I was growing up, anyone in my neighbourhood could give a hungry child food, and anyone could punish you as a child if you weren’t in school. But nowadays, the community has given up on playing the crucial role of parenting a child collectively. We have given up on that”, he said, pleading with the line minister to take appropriate action to protect children.

Sarah Nyirabashitsi Mateke, the state minister for youth and children’s affairs, lamented the little resources given to her office.

“As I speak, you have given me Shs20 million for street children this fiscal year. Thus, I have Shs5 million per quarter. What can I use it for?” Minister questioned. Ms. Mateke called for the recruitment of paediatricians in every district saying the country is losing very many children. 

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